Watch a Nissan GT-R race a helicopter in Middle Earth

Steve Millen is crazy and, in case you didn't already know that, here's more proof. It's Millen and his Stillen R35 GT-R racing acrobatic chopper pilot Leigh Hopper's Eurocopter "Squirrel" at the Targa New Zealand. Who will win? More importantly, has Top Gear already taken all the really good car stunts? » 10/27/11 3:00pm 10/27/11 3:00pm

Six baby squirrels rescued from BMW engine after wild track run

It was like a scene out of "The Great Escape" this weekend at the BMW Car Club of America's driving school. The driver of a Z4 M sports car felt his car behaving "squirrely" on the track so he pulled into the pits. Popping the hood, he discovered a half-dozen baby squirrels inside his BMW's airbox! » 9/28/11 12:00pm 9/28/11 12:00pm