How To Make Fried Calamari, The Classiest Of Fried Foods

The question is: Why make fried calamari for yourself, when you can get it at virtually any restaurant in the Western world, from the swankest of haute cuisine food temples to the Guy Fieri-est Ameridude chain crapholes, and it's no worse than pretty decent in all of them? » 8/23/14 12:59pm 8/23/14 12:59pm

Because Legends Never Leave Anything To Chance

A parachute (or CamelBak) and rollerblades? Sure. Because when you're driving a Suzuki Hayabusa capable of hitting speeds of nearly 200 mph, you never want to leave anything to chance. [Reddit via TheDailyWhat] » 9/17/10 3:30pm 9/17/10 3:30pm