Spy Photos: A Peugeot Parks in Brooklyn

The idea of French cars in the US is a novel idea today, though it wasn't really that long ago that Peugeot, Renault et al were bit players in the American automotive sitcom. Though 15 years have passed since France's retreat, new models are sometimes spotted on US soil, usually in the form of manufacturer test cars.… » 5/15/07 8:18am 5/15/07 8:18am

Popular Mechanics Catches Ford Flex With the Long Lens

And as long as the lens of the mechanics with the most friends might be, the Flex is longer. Like, weirdly long. Like, Ford's new minivan replacement looks as if it were built on the same frame as the Expedition EL. Don't worry, it's not. The Flex actually shares a lot of componentry with livin' on the Edge,… » 5/10/07 2:00pm 5/10/07 2:00pm