Danica Patrick ditches IndyCar for NASCAR

The AP reports that IndyCar driver Danica Patrick's officially ditching the IndyCar series — perceived by many as the "small-time" — for a full-time NASCAR Nationwide gig and a few select Sprint Cup races. But she just can't quit IndyCar completely — as there's still going to be a possible Indy 500 run thrown in the… » 8/03/11 9:30am 8/03/11 9:30am

Celebrate The Olympics With A 1972 Ford Mustang Sprint

With the Olympics kicking off, let's rewind to 1972 and take a look at some special "Sprint" edition Fords built to commemorate both the XX Olympiad in Munich, Germany and the XI Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan. The Sprint option was an appearance package on the '72 Pinto, Maverick, and Mustang. Of course, with the… » 8/08/08 2:40pm 8/08/08 2:40pm

NASCAR And Sprint Offer Free Mobile Goodies For Fans

The NASCAR season is well under way and Sprint is gifting its NASCAR-fan subscribers with a free mobile service. NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile is an application that displays all kinds of NASCAR information including rankings, video clips, live audio, driver statistics and more. Forget about my NASCAR, opinions, pro or… » 3/03/08 3:00pm 3/03/08 3:00pm

Lotus Remembers The Good Times With Lotus Exige Sprint

In our discussion of the all-time greatest liveries there were a lot of mentions of famous Lotus paint schemes (BRG & Yellow, Team Essex Blue & Red, JPS Black & Gold), but the Elan Sprint of the early 1970s didn't get a mention. This was an oversight on our part, because this limited run Elan was sprinting to 60 mph… » 1/23/08 11:00am 1/23/08 11:00am

Exceptional Redneck Ingenuity: Sprint Jumping, Platform Pontiac

We'd really, really love to know just exactly how much illicit hooch was involved in the construction and destruction of the vehicles in this video. While the leaping Chevy Sprint in this vid isn't quite as fantastic as the one featured here, we also suspect that maybe only two of the diminutive runabout's three… » 4/12/07 7:45pm 4/12/07 7:45pm