Sportec SP600 Thinks It's So Funny, Plays Tricks on Cameras

There should be a ten commandments for putting on a press reveal at an auto show. They can publish it for all automakers to heed and obey so they know exactly how to get a positive reaction out of their press conference. First and foremost, putting black wheels on a white car should be a hangin' offense. That's… » 3/05/08 7:40am 3/05/08 7:40am

An 800-hp Gorilla: The 236 mph Sportec 911

Swiss Porsche tuner Sportec showed up in Geneva last week with its latest tarmac scorcher, a thoroughly juiced Porsche 911 with 800 hp and a top speed somewhere approaching Koenigsegg territory. The Sportec SPR1, the product of cryptically worded mods, including "manufactured drive components and axles," "electrically… » 3/08/06 8:03am 3/08/06 8:03am