Five Spooky Scary Evil Vehicles (That Might Be Real)

When you think about it, all vehicles can be blood-curdling. They can be your best friend one minute, full of life and noise and joy, and when you turn off the ignition, it all dies. They sit lifeless and soulless, all spirit within them gone. Cold. And in that which moves but has no life, you've got a recipe for… » 10/26/13 1:15pm 10/26/13 1:15pm

The Air Force's AC130U "Spooky" is more like terrifying

Seeing this plane in the skies above you generally means you're about to have a really shitty day. It's the Spooky, a close air support variant of the Lockheed AC-130 Hercules aircraft. » 8/15/11 9:30pm 8/15/11 9:30pm