Steve Fossett Buys Spirit of America

He's a record-setting balloonist, sailor and pilot, and he's even run the 24 Heures du Mans. He's Steve Fossett, and he holds a fistful of records. And now, with the purchas of Spirit of America, he's going after the outright land speed record, hoping to take down the nearly-a-decade-old Thrust SSC record set by Andy… » 1/02/07 7:15pm 1/02/07 7:15pm

Sounds of a Record Breaking: Craig Breedlove's First Land Speed Record…

It's hard to remember a time when sound-effects records — like those of auto racing, bird calls and floor waxers (seriously) — were more popular than, well, other kinds of records. In fact, we don't remember that time at all, because we were (as grandma used to say) "with the angels." Fleetwood Sounds, a company that… » 6/19/06 1:48pm 6/19/06 1:48pm