The Most Intrepid Superhero Spaceships

On Earth, superheroes can soar through the air and swing through the urban jungle like Tarzan. But when costumed crime-fighters go into deep space, they often need a ship to zoom around in. Here's a round up of insane and awesome superhero space vehicles. » 9/02/13 12:40pm 9/02/13 12:40pm

The 15 Most Ludicrous Superhero Vehicles

What superheroes have in high morals and immense powers, they often lack in common sense, at least as regards to vehicles. That’s the only way to explain the plethora of weird, garish or outright idiotic superhero cars, jets and other nonsense clogging our nation’s highways and airspace. Here are 15 vehicles that… » 7/17/13 2:30pm 7/17/13 2:30pm

Spider-Man Playing Basketball? Spider-Man Playing Basketball.

Andrew Garfield took a couple minutes off the set of Not Another Spider-Man Movie to shoot some hoops on a court in New York's Chinatown. In full costume. » 5/23/13 1:27pm 5/23/13 1:27pm

Why is Spiderman jumping between these speeding BMWs?

This bizarre photo's been floating around for a while, but was recently reposted on Facebook by Arab Motors TV. What's its deal? Obviously it's not the real Spiderman, because he's in New York City. So it's just a stunt double. Makes sense. It's for a stunt show. » 12/01/11 1:30pm 12/01/11 1:30pm

India's Spiderman does whatever an American Spiderman won't

Aside from wearing more traditional costumes, India's version of Spiderman hews pretty closely to the American original. Here's Indian's Superman riding the back bumper of a van through highway traffic. » 2/16/11 1:30pm 2/16/11 1:30pm