Avoidable Contact #28: Lincoln and Cadillac, MKT and CTS-V, one last time, to the death.

It seems like yesterday, but it was long ago, as the song says. One day in the spring of 1982, my father pulled into the driveway behind the wheel of a new Lincoln Town Car Signature Series. His new Lincoln Town Car Signature Series, purchased to commemorate his ascension to the post of Executive Vice President in a… »9/21/09 10:00am9/21/09 10:00am

Enjoy The Cars, Girls Of Boost Mobile Nightshift Without The Crabs

Our fellow travelers at Speed:Sport:Life sojourned to Austin this past weekend for Boost Mobile Nightshift to get some photos of the cars, girls and music that make these events both interesting and completely repellent to the automotive enthusiast. Girls and cars are both topics of great interest to us, but these… »4/16/08 10:40am4/16/08 10:40am