Speed Sisters: How The Women Racers Of The West Bank Reveal Universal Truths About Racing 

Speed Sisters begins with a scene that feels like it could take place anywhere in the world: with humble hatchbacks and older BMWs ripping their way around an autocross course, blazing past bright orange cones while their drivers pull handbrakes to negotiate hairpin corners at speed. »11/13/15 2:42pm11/13/15 2:42pm


Speed Sisters Premieres This Weekend And You Can Watch An Exclusive Clip Right Here

Of all the car-related documentaries to come out in recent years, one of the films we’ve been most excited about has been Speed Sisters, which chronicles the story of the first all-woman racing team in the Middle East. At last, it’s making its U.S. debut this weekend at the DOC NYC festival in New York.
»11/10/15 4:00pm11/10/15 4:00pm