SSC Ultimate Aero TT Is The Fastest Car In The World

The facts are coming in fast and loose, but here's what we know: At around 9:00 am (PST), an 1,183 hp SSC Ultimate Aero TT driven by Rick Doria Chuck Bigelow made two passes, one at 257 mph the other at 254 mph — they're averaging 'em at 255 mph. The official record held by the Koenigsegg CCX is 242 mph. The… » 9/13/07 3:05pm 9/13/07 3:05pm

Eurostar Train Sets Chunnel Record, Goes 192 MPH

if you've ever ridden the Chunnel from Paris to London, you know that you get to boom through the Loire Valley and Normandy at fantastic speeds, enter the Channel Tunnel, emerge in Olde Blighty just south of Dover and then putter about for for 45 minutes until you reach London. Not any more! The Brits finally… » 9/04/07 2:30pm 9/04/07 2:30pm

Once Again: The SSC Ultimate Aero TT Is Set To Break Production Car Speed Record

Bugatti, the end is nigh, maybe. Those lovable scamps over at Shelby SuperCars are poised to break the production car speed record (242 mph) currently being held hostage somewhere in Sweden by Koenigsegg. The unofficial production-car speed record of 253 mph is, of course, safe and sound somewhere in the German French… » 8/02/07 10:45am 8/02/07 10:45am

Back to the Wind Tunnel: SSC Falls Short of Speed Record

Blame it on the weather. American supercar builder SSC fell 23 mph short of breaking the prouction-car speed record yesterday. The company's 1183-hp Ultimate Aero TT was clocked at 230 mph on a closed stretch of Nevada highway. The snafu was snow (damn you Nevada microclimates), which added a hint of treachery from… » 3/23/07 11:30am 3/23/07 11:30am

Juha on Ice! Rally Vet Breaks Ice Speed Record in His Own Bentley

Considering a speeding ticket in Finland will cost you 10 percent of your yearly income, driving fast on frozen lakes is probably the more sober choice. Finn rally veteran Juha Kankkunen recently set the world ice driving speed record, knocking on 200 mph's door in his personal Bentley Continental GT. Word is, his… » 3/16/07 8:52am 3/16/07 8:52am

Thrust! SSC to Go After Production Car Speed Record

Could the Bugatti Veyron be satisfied with a downgrade to second fastest production car? That's the goal of SSC, builder of dated-looking but nonetheless mad supercars like the Ultimate Aero TT. The company plans to break the 253-mph record on a 12 mile stretch of Nevada's Highway 93. It's doing it with help from MKM… » 3/14/07 1:00pm 3/14/07 1:00pm

Gunning for a Speed Record: H&R's Promo Porsche

Remember H&R? They're the German aftermarket suspension shop selling the 24k gold-plated springs for Dubai sultans' Ferraris. Now, they're addressing yet another mode of automotive hyperbolics, sponsoring a severely juiced Porsche 911 that will attempt to break the speed record for world's fastest street-legal car.… » 12/04/06 8:55am 12/04/06 8:55am

World's Fastest Fish: AC Schnitzer's BMW Tension Breaks BMW Speed Record

AC Schnitzer's Tension concept hit 206 mph on the Nardo test track in Southern Italy, stopping far short of schooling the Brabus Rocket Mercedes CLS, which peaked at 227 mph during the same AutoBild magazine showdown. But it's enough for the AC boys to call their creation the world's fastest street-legal production… » 11/28/06 12:30pm 11/28/06 12:30pm

It's Official: JCB's Got the World's Fastest Diesel Rig

JCB's construction equipment may be slow, but its Dieselmax racer fulfilled boss Sir Anthony's dreams of speed. Anthony wanted to make a statement regarding the extreme performance of his hardware. That desire led to the Dieselmax project, which led to yesterday's FIA-observed run on the Bonneville Salt Flats by… » 8/23/06 10:40am 8/23/06 10:40am

Oil Burner Smokes the Salt: Dieselmax Hits 300 mph in Bonneville

Those daring young Brits and their smelly rocket, the JCB Dieselmax, rocked the Bonneville Salt Flats yesterday, breaking 300 mph for the first time. Wing Commander Andy Green took the diesel-powered streamliner to 308 mph — and he says there's room to spare. While the only glitch was a parachute that failed to open,… » 8/18/06 8:20am 8/18/06 8:20am

Fastbound and Down: Videos of JCB's Diesel Land-Speed Car

Holy crap. When we heard JCB was going after the diesel land speed record, we pictured something exactly like the aero-slip DieselMax racer it came up with. But did we expect the twin-turbo slingshot to sound like a Cummins-powered Freightliner? Damn straight we didn't (tho it makes perfect sense — it is still just a… » 8/04/06 12:12pm 8/04/06 12:12pm

Honda's F1 Bonneville Speed Record Attempt Back On

Last October, after Utah's Bonneville salt flats did its best Dead Sea impersonation for about a month, Honda F1's Bonneville 400 team was forced to cancel its speed record attempt. Now, they're on their way back to Utah to try again. Driver Alan van der Merwes saw 256.765 mph (413.205 km/h) during shakedown tests in… » 7/14/06 8:17am 7/14/06 8:17am

Once More with Feeling: Latest Ultima Supercar Breaks Speed Record

The newest among Chevy-powered semi—kit cars to emerge from the UK's Ultima sports-car builders has toasted a speed record set by one of its predecessors. The Ultima 720GTR recently performed the zero-100mph-0 sprint in 9.4 seconds — breaking its sibling's previous record of around 10 seconds and destroying the… » 6/06/06 11:45am 6/06/06 11:45am