Speed Limits, Skybridges, Paint: What's Ruining Our Cities This Week

New York City takes a big step to save lives on the streets, but not everyone wants to slow down. And Twitter's proposing a way to keep its employees separated from the regular people of San Francisco, at least while they're at work. It's What's Ruining Our Cities! » 11/09/14 12:00pm 11/09/14 12:00pm

Should New York City's Speed Limits Be Lowered? A Jalopnik Debate

The New York City Council just passed a bill to drop the city speed limits on residential streets to 25 MPH, from 30 MPH. Under the guise of protecting pedestrians, the New York City Council has diminished Freedom. While their goal is noble, the Council decision is Wrong. One Raphael Orlove thinks they're right. » 10/09/14 9:00am 10/09/14 9:00am

Michigan State Police Lieutenant Denies 'Speed Kills' Myth

Michigan State Police Lieutenant Gary Megge's current job is to monitor the state's speed limits and speed traps. he's been arguing for smarter, often raised limits, and one quote explains why. » 7/28/14 4:24pm 7/28/14 4:24pm

Viral Video Convinces Government To Raise Speed Limits

The Canadian province criticized in the incredible " Speed Kills... Your Pocketbook" video is not only going to raise some of its speed limits, but aim to increase safety with better driver culture. » 7/07/14 12:18pm 7/07/14 12:18pm

Afroduck Back In Court For Driving With A Suspended License (Updated)

Not everyone has Ed Bolian's luck. Adam Tang, the speedster known as "Afroduck" who drove around Manhattan in 24 minutes and drew the ire of police after the video of the run went viral, is back in jail, this time for driving with a suspended license. » 4/22/14 3:39pm 4/22/14 3:39pm

Why The No-Speed-Limits Autobahn Could Go Away: A German Perspective

The Autobahn has been under attack for decades now, and now German reader Mark Linde explains why hating Justin Bieber, not eating sauerkraut, and a car club corruption scandal could be able to end the country's proud derestricted highways after all. Photo Credit: Thorsten » 4/08/14 1:16pm 4/08/14 1:16pm

Manhattan Speeder Afroduck Pleads Not Guilty To Reckless Driving

Adam Tang aka Afroduck, the man who drove around Manhattan in 24:07 was indicted by a grand jury yesterday, formally charging him with reckless endangerment and reckless driving. Here's what that means for his case and what that means for anyone who speeds. » 3/05/14 3:00pm 3/05/14 3:00pm

How To Remove A Speed Camera Using A Streetcar

Today's lesson on how to remove a local speedcamera comes from the very pleasant city of Zurich back in 2008. The trick is simple: tie the camera to a streetcar and let the tram do all the work. » 10/28/13 1:45pm 10/28/13 1:45pm

The World's Fastest Roads

What's the fastest you've legally driven? If you're in the U.S., probably 75 MPH. Well, if you have a fast car you want to redline it without going to jail I would recommend a trip to any of these ten locations. » 10/22/13 11:15am 10/22/13 11:15am

What Road Has The Highest Speed Limit In The World?

Australia will strip the 81 mph limit off of one of its remote Outback highways next year, and it makes me wonder — what road has the highest limit on it already? » 10/21/13 11:36am 10/21/13 11:36am

This Highway Is So Safe It Doesn't Need A Speed Limit

This 124 mile (200km) stretch of road between remote Alice Springs and Barrow Creek in the Australian Outback had zero speed-related fatalities between 2001 and 2011. As a reward, the local government will give it 'no speed limit' speed limit next year. » 10/21/13 11:15am 10/21/13 11:15am

Watch The 'Speed Kills Myth' Guy Dominate This Debate On Speed Limits

You know Chris Thompson from the best takedown of the 'Speed Kills' myth you've ever seen. A British Columbia news show brought him on for a live debate and he absolutely dominated. » 10/08/13 11:48am 10/08/13 11:48am

Millionaire Says Local Cops Discriminate Against Ferraris

Throughout history, no subgroup of people has experienced as much oppression, institutionalized discrimination, and outright hatred as the world's Ferrari owners. Woe are these poor souls, these seekers of speed, as they strive to overcome whilst maintaining a modicum of dignity in their lives! » 9/20/13 3:32pm 9/20/13 3:32pm

Utah Raises Some Speed Limits To 80 MPH Because It's Safer

After multi-year studies, Utah has raised a number of its highway speed limits to 80 miles an hour. They cited the same reasons of safety as the now-famous 'Speed Kills Your Pocketbook' documentary. Finally, a government making sense about speed. » 9/18/13 4:50pm 9/18/13 4:50pm

Speeding Australians Not Killed Because Speed Doesn't Kill

Last week we saw what has to be the best takedown of the myth that speed kills ever documented. Now, an Australian magazine has taken an hour off the trip from Melbourne to Sydney by going about 12 MPH faster than the limit. And they didn't even die. Not once. » 9/17/13 10:20am 9/17/13 10:20am

This Is The Best Takedown Of The 'Speed Kills' Myth You'll Ever See

One refrain you hear frequently from insurance companies, police, and the media is that 'speed kills.' It doesn't, and this is the best debunking of that myth that we've ever seen. » 9/12/13 3:12pm 9/12/13 3:12pm

Trucking Companies May Say ‘Thanks, But No Thanks’ To Texas’ 85 MPH…

Earlier this month we showed you what it was like to drive 85 mph on Texas' State Highway 130 toll road, which will have the highest speed limits in the Western Hemisphere when that section opens up later this year. » 9/30/12 12:00pm 9/30/12 12:00pm

Why Texas' Insanely Fast 85 MPH Speed Limit Isn't A Big Deal

I shift into fifth gear and hit 70 mph as I merge onto the State Highway 130 toll road east of Austin. The speed limit on this road is 80 mph, so that's where I stop accelerating until a Chevy Tahoe packed with children passes me in the left lane, probably doing around 90. Then I decide to push the accelerator a bit… » 9/09/12 12:00pm 9/09/12 12:00pm

If Nerds Ruled The World These Would Be Our Speed Limit Signs

In a surprise move, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stepped down this morning and announced he will be replaced by a collective of super nerds. Their first act is to institute these new equation-based speed limits. » 8/31/12 10:30am 8/31/12 10:30am

Texas May Let You Pay To Drive 85 MPH

Texans are one step closer to being able to drive 85 MPH legally on certain stretches of road, with the state's department of transportation announcing this week that they're testing out sections of a toll road between Austin and San Antonio to determine if it can handle the speeds. Yeehaw! » 6/07/12 4:00pm 6/07/12 4:00pm