Temporary Speed Limits Set For Sections Of The Nürburgring

Per DailySportsCar, temporary measures have been put in place by the Deutsche Motor Sport Bund to allow the banned race classes to resume racing at the Nürburgring. The bans have now been lifted, but now we have a 5% reduction in power, limits on fan access, and most peculiarly, speed limits on some sections. »4/07/15 1:27pm4/07/15 1:27pm


Hoon Of The Day: Is The Bigger Hoon The Rally Driver, Or The Rally Spectator?

Seriously, maybe those NASCAR folks are on to something with their grandstands, retaining walls and the rest of that safety stuff. I mean, probably not — but you know, it's worth asking the question. Another question worth answering — is there a lawyer out there who could potentially answer whether this is a hit and… »3/09/07 10:30am3/09/07 10:30am