Discreet New Subaru Spec for UK Debuts at Autosports International Show

Subaru's latest high-spec vehicle got itself all launched up at the Autosport International show in the UK this week. The Impreza Spec.D (D is for discreet) clocks the same performance numbers as its less spec'd WRX STI sibling, but has limited-slip diffs in the front and rear, an updated gearshift and an intercooler » 1/13/06 1:17pm 1/13/06 1:17pm

Saab to Reveal Special Edition 9-3 Convertable in Los Angeles

Saab announced today it was unveiling a special-edition 9-3, the 20 Years Edition Convertible, to celebrate — yep, you guessed it — the score of years elapsed since Saab launched its soft-top model in 1986. Saab will produce a mere 400 of the 20 Years edition, which as MPH points out, is basically a decked-out Aero… » 1/02/06 7:54am 1/02/06 7:54am

Chrysler to Launch Heritage Edition 300C in Los Angeles

Chrysler is remembering its 1957 Chrysler 300C "Beautiful Brute" properly (or at least trying to help us forget how the last-gen front-drive 300 really wasn't much at all like the old 300C), with a special edition 300C it plans to debut at the Los Angeles Auto show next month. The 2006 Chrysler 300C "Heritage Edition" will … » 12/21/05 1:18pm 12/21/05 1:18pm

Volkswagen Offers King Kong "Crew Member" Edition Touareg

As yet another link in the chain of synergy that is Volkswagen's media alliance with Universal Studios, VW is offering a limited-edition Touareg SUV in Europe with the same features as those SUVs used by crew members working on the upcoming movie "King Kong." The Kong Touaregs are fitted with silver cosmetics including… » 12/09/05 8:00am 12/09/05 8:00am

Shelby, West Coast Customs to Build Limited-Edition Mustang

Two well-sung heroes of the aftermarket, Shelby Automobiles and West Coast Customs, have teamed up to build a SEMA-worthy limited-edition Ford Mustang GT. Shelby contributed the engine tweaks, including a Vortech supercharger that boosts horsepower to 500, while WCC is handling interior and exterior pimpage: extensive… » 11/02/05 11:58am 11/02/05 11:58am

Mini Officially Debuts John Cooper Works GP

Photos of Mini's long-awaited Mini lightweight coupe have been released to match the official details, and the verdict among enthusiasts is mixed. The lengthily named Cooper S John Cooper Works GP Tuning Kit brings the diminutive Coop to 218 hp and 180 ft-lbs of torque, while shedding nearly 90lbs of excess fat. That's … » 10/31/05 5:28pm 10/31/05 5:28pm

Limited-Edition Supercharged Corolla for the UK

Our friends in the UK don't only have Galaxy bars, warm beer and bangers and mash to hang over our heads, they've also got hot hatchbacks. And Toyota's new, limited-edition supercharged Corolla looks to be one of the hotter among them (for the money). Only 250 of these Corolla Compressor models will be built, selling… » 10/26/05 4:21pm 10/26/05 4:21pm