The Forward Progression Of Rotary Engines

114 years ago last week, Stephen M. Balzer patented the first rotary-engine. Sometimes confused with the Wankel Rotary used in vehicles like this 1980s Mazda Rx-7 Spec B Rally, Balzer's design was vastly different. (H/t to all for the correction) (Photo Credit: exfordy) » 12/18/10 2:00pm 12/18/10 2:00pm

New York Wrap Up: Subaru Legacy Spec.B

We've packed up our swag (more on that later) and vacated New York's Jacob Javits center, where this year's auto show will continue outside the circling kleig lights of the Automotive Media Establishment(TM). Still, there's wrapping up to do. For instance, Subaru unveiled its new, 2007 Spec.B model, which includes… » 4/14/06 9:34am 4/14/06 9:34am

Subaru Announces Price of 2006 Legacy 2.5 spec.B

Unlike in Japan, where Subaru's Legacy GT spec.B is a barn-burner of a sports sedan, the US model will be more of a loaded-to-the-headliner touring carriage. Subaru announced the MSRP of its 2006 2.5 GT spec.B will be $34,620 — including a 2.5-liter turbocharged Boxer engine, producing 250hp and 250 lbs-ft. of… » 10/06/05 2:41pm 10/06/05 2:41pm

Subaru Launches Legacy Spec B

Subaru has launched a version of its Legacy 2.5 GT spec.B performance sedan in the US. Subaru watchers will lament it won't have the same 276hp, 2.0-liter rally-inspired motor as the coveted Japanese model; US buyers will have to be satisfied with the same 250 hp turbocharged-intercooled Boxer engine in the Legacy… » 9/21/05 8:00am 9/21/05 8:00am

Spy Photos: 2006 Subaru Legacy Spec B

Edmunds Inside Line has some video footage of Subaru's special-edition Spec B Legacy GT during road testing in the US. Apparently, Subaru is bringing the Spec B Legacy — which could sport a 276-hp single-turbo / intercooled 2.0-liter flat-four, if not the 2.5-liter mill used in current US-spec GTs — stateside. (Sport… » 8/17/05 2:00pm 8/17/05 2:00pm