NASA Orders Crewed Vehicle From SpaceX And Starts A New Space Race

There’s a new space race happening, much smaller in scope than the great US/USSR rivalry of the ‘60s, but one that still marks a huge milestone: the race to see who will be the first to launch a commercial crewed spacecraft. The race is now official as NASA has ordered a crewed mission from SpaceX as well as Boeing. »Monday 8:00pm11/23/15 8:00pm


The TIE Fighter Is The Worst Spacecraft In The Star Wars Universe

I’m sure there’s going to be lots of people who disagree with me on this. Sure, TIE fighters look cool, I get that. And this isn’t about politics — I’m not an Empire-voter, but they did at least provide a good system of academies, for example. This is about the TIE fighter being a stupid design, even in the fictitious… »10/20/15 12:35pm10/20/15 12:35pm

Can You Use Your Farts To Propel Yourself In Zero Gravity?

It’s probably best if we all just come clean and admit that we’ve all thought about this at one time or another: if you were floating weightless, could you fart yourself into motion? I mean, your butt is basically just an integrated bio-ass rocket, right? As you’d expect, it’s more complex than you think, and real… »10/09/15 3:45pm10/09/15 3:45pm

Here's A Chart Of Every Crewed Orbital (And Beyond) Spacecraft

I’m absolutely smitten with the idea of space travel and, by extension, a total sucker for almost any space hardware. Of course, the most exciting bits of space hardware are actual crewed spacecraft. So far, humanity has produced, by my count, ten separate spacecraft to carry us into space. Here’s a chart of them all. »10/07/15 4:01pm10/07/15 4:01pm

Why Motherships Are Making A Big Comeback For Sending Things Into Space

Most of the time, we think of space-faring rockets as being launched from the ground. As demand for satellite launch services rapidly increases year-over-year, interest in air launching rockets is returning to a growing market of lighter-weight payloads. And those might want a mothership. »10/06/15 4:59pm10/06/15 4:59pm

Did The U.S. Air Force Just Goof Up Its Own History In Space?

Early this morning, the U.S. Air Force tweeted that today marks the 50th anniversary of their first orbiting satellite being launched into space. The satellite referenced in the tweet, known as OV1-2, carried a suite of instruments to better understand the space environment. But was it really the Air Force’s first… »10/05/15 3:01pm10/05/15 3:01pm

NASA Just Released 8,400+ Incredible High-Res Images From The Apollo Program

The Apollo missions are NASA’s gift that just keeps on giving. America’s civilian space agency just released a veritable treasure trove of high resolution scanned images from the Apollo archives, many of which have never been seen before. Below are a few highlights of these incredible moments in human history. »10/04/15 6:34pm10/04/15 6:34pm

3... 2... 1... Liftoff... Space Week On Flight Club Has Cleared The Tower

Back in 1999, the United Nations declared that the 4th through the 10th of October would be known as World Space Week. With this resolution, the General Assembly sought to “celebrate each year at the international level the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.” »10/04/15 3:58pm10/04/15 3:58pm

These Amazing Maps Show All 14,000+ Satellites Orbiting The Earth

Humans have managed to put a whole bunch of stuff in orbit around the Earth, and keeping track of it all is a serious endeavor. Visualizing the sheer number of objects we’ve managed to send into space also helps us appreciate just how vast space really is. These amazing maps illustrate the cloud of man-made objects… »10/01/15 6:33pm10/01/15 6:33pm