Watch South Korean And American Troops Simulate A Beach Landing On North Korea

South Korean and American forces are undergoing rigorous combined arms training while North Korea continues to issue threats of nuclear war. Just yesterday, U.S. Marines and South Korean troops made a dramatic simulated beach landing as part of the ongoing annual war games dubbed Foal Eagle and Key Resolve, and this…

U.S. General Says North Korea Would Use WMD As Details On Secret Negotiations Emerge

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are higher today than they have been in decades, and the head of U.S. forces in Korea made it crystal clear to the Senate Armed Services Committee precisely what is at stake: Kim Jong Un, by his own words, would indeed use Weapons of Mass Destruction if his regime were threatened.

Here's 20 F-16s Executing The 'Elephant Walk' On A Cold Night 

The 8th Fighter Wing “Wolf Pack” based at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea put on a rare early morning “elephant walk” sortie generation exercise earlier this week. The idea behind the drill is to push ground crews to their limits by making them prep as many combat-ready jets as possible at short notice. The result is…

Half Of The 525th Fighter Squadron's F-22s Deploy To Japan In Big Show Of Force

Seeing F-22s deploy internationally is nothing new, but usually it’s in relatively small groups of four to eight jets. Yet the 525th Fighter Squadron based at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, has just moved 12 F-22s (half of its inventory) to Yokota Air Base in Japan. Obviously such a potent deployment is meant to send a strong…

South Korea's Massive Live Fire Exercise Is Overwhelmingly Intense On Purpose

South Korean and American forces are said to be at a readiness unlike any in the world, wound up to spring into all-out war if need be at the sound of a klaxon. This readiness in showcased during combined live fire drills, where the total force is brought together as much for show and intimidation as for training.

North Korea: Turn Off Loudspeakers By 5 P.M. Tomorrow Or Face Military Action

Tensions are extremely high on the Korean Peninsula after the North and the South exchanged artillery fire yesterday. This came as at the top of a crescendo of destabilizing events occurring over the last three weeks, one of which saw South Korea blaring propaganda across the DMZ into North Korea border towns via huge…