Why the South Fell Apart in the Snow

I get it. Two inches of snow shuts down major metropolitan areas (not just Atlanta). It's funny! It's funny because when it snows two inches where you live, it's nothing, you might as well be in West Palm Beach. Southerners lose their shit, though! Hilarious. » 1/29/14 12:22pm 1/29/14 12:22pm

Welcome To The End Of The World

It's official: Tennessee flooding is destroying the heart of America. This picture was taken on Highway 7 near Columbia. A word of caution — whatever you do, do not go in there. (Hat tip to intern Kelsey and EricInDenver!) » 5/05/10 4:30pm 5/05/10 4:30pm

BMW To Expand US Production By 50%

BMW just announced that it's going to increase the number of vehicles it produces at its plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina by 50% by 2012. This will take the total number of cars produced there per year to 240,000. This means an additional investment of $750 million will be made in South Carolina and 500 additional… » 3/19/08 11:05am 3/19/08 11:05am