An interactive map that lets you hear New York in 1933

It's basically an audio time machine. Tech historian Emily Thompson, out of Princeton, has put together an interactive map of New York circa 1933, embedded with the old sounds of the city. » 12/09/13 3:55pm 12/09/13 3:55pm

At Least the Sub-Par Cars 2 Featured Real Live Minigun Sound Effects

Real guns. Hot cars. Bags of empty shell casings used to recreate what we heard in Cars 2. All old hat stuff for sound guys in the audience, sure, but for the rest of us, take a listen. [The Daily] » 7/11/11 7:00am 7/11/11 7:00am

Blind People: The New Enemy Of Environmentalists

Anti-noise activists have come out in opposition against adding sounds to vehicles with electric powertrains. Blind people, who often cannot hear such cars, have a problem with it. Fun. Or, you know, not. [NYT] » 6/25/10 4:30pm 6/25/10 4:30pm

The Lexus LFA Sounds Like $400,000

When I reviewed the Lexus LFA I failed to do it justice. It's just incredibly difficult to summarize everything that combines to make this car so special. These engine sounds do a much better job. Bonus: Top Gear LFA photo! » 12/09/09 4:30pm 12/09/09 4:30pm

Yamaha Wants You To Hear The Lexus LFA

One of the world's foremost musical instrument manufacturers helped design the Lexus LFA's cabin. Why? Because Toyota wanted its supercar to crawl inside your ears and invade your soul. Turn it up loud, kids — this is a good one. » 11/20/09 5:30pm 11/20/09 5:30pm

Mysteries Of Car Customization: Torn Moonroof Edition

Gee golly, I wonder what would cause a tear of this magnitude in the roof of a poor and innocent Lexus? Click for the answer, with a bonus video! » 4/22/08 4:00pm 4/22/08 4:00pm