Project Car Hell, Bad Photo Edition: Midget or Sonett?

So we had another near-tie in yesterday's DKW-versus-Fairlady Choose Your Eternity poll, which may be partially attributable to the hard-to-decipher photos in each vehicle's listing. If you can't see the whole car, you can't tell how hellish and/or cool it really is, right? However, those photos were bad just because… » 11/13/07 5:30pm 11/13/07 5:30pm

Rumor Mill: Saab's New Sportster to Share Platform with Opel OPC

Reports of Saab's upcoming new sports car (coupe? roadster?) have so far been wide off the mark. While an executive of the GM division recently denied rumors Saab would get a version of the Solstice / Sky roadster franchise — once a scoop on which much of the past month's smart money had been bet — the Saab experts… » 11/15/05 7:45am 11/15/05 7:45am

New Saab Sonett Concept May Be on the Way

GM's badge-engineering fairy may again slip a little something under Saab's pillow. Rumors have it that the company will unveil its own version of the Solstice/Sky roadster franchise, tagged with the Sonnett Sonett name — last seen on Saab's V4 sports cars of the '60s and '70s (1969 Sonnett pictured). Word is, the… » 10/15/05 12:26pm 10/15/05 12:26pm