U.S. Soldiers Film Themselves Pranking Iraqi by Planting a Grenade In…

A reality TV show that pranks celebrities by planting fake bombs in their cars is causing a stir in Iraq. But a couple months ago, U.S. soldiers filmed themselves planting a live grenade in an Iraqi's trunk as a 'prank.' » 9/04/10 5:20pm 9/04/10 5:20pm

Ghost-Riding The Whip, Iraq Edition

It's got to be tough living in the middle of a war zone, in a strange country, under constant stress. So it's understandable when troops blow off a little steam by being goofy. For example, ghost-riding Humvees and MRAP's. Yep, the craze that started with a yellow short bus and later saw bored suburban kids crashing… » 3/24/08 2:00pm 3/24/08 2:00pm