Australia is the First Country to Get Tesla's Powerwall Battery


That’s right, Tesla’s much talked about Powerwall — the battery that can power your entire house — will be available in the Australian market from late this year. Tesla, the company best known for its Model S electric sedan, is launching Tesla Energy in Australia, which will bring products including both the… »9/19/15 11:48am9/19/15 11:48am


Tesla's Next Big Product Is Coming On April 30: Batteries

When Elon Musk makes his next big announcement later this month he won’t be joined by an electric car or a space-bound capsule. Tesla will finally be passing along details on its long-awaited batteries designed for home use, plus a “utility-scale” battery as well—both of which will likely be manufactured in its new… »4/21/15 7:56pm4/21/15 7:56pm

A solar-powered flight made history last night when it successfully landed at JFK airport, capping o

A solar-powered flight made history last night when it successfully landed at JFK airport, capping off a cross-country trip. The Solar Impulse first took off from San Francisco in May and stopped in Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and D.C. along the way to New York. »7/07/13 12:36pm7/07/13 12:36pm

Toyota Turns Parts Center Roof Into Giant Solar Installation

Solar Prius »9/25/08 1:20pm9/25/08 1:20pm? That's amateur. Toyota has opted to create a 242,000 square-foot solar installation on the roof of its North American Parts Center in Ontario, California. The installation, which will be the largest single-roof installation in North America, will provide about 3.7 million kWh of juice, about 60% of the…

Solar Panels Coming Soon To An Auto Parts Store Near You

It's not often you hear about Wyoming around these parts, but a company from the Cowboy State is looking to make solar panels the next hip and useful car accessory. The company is developing solar cells a couple inches thick and as big as three feet by four feet to be mounted atop your vehicle to supply power to a… »2/21/08 12:40pm2/21/08 12:40pm

No Solara Panamericana This Year: Dell-Winston Solar Challenge Confined to Texas Motor Speedway

A year ago, a band of high school students set off from Austin, TX to Los Angeles, California, a trek we would replicate ourselves a few scant months later. Only we did it in an overloaded SUV pulling an overloaded trailer, rather than in a featherweight solar-powered car. And we didn't build the Dodge ourselves,… »7/13/06 10:30pm7/13/06 10:30pm

A Dutch Threepeat: Crafty Netherlanders Put Down Bong, Win Solar Challenge

Holland's Nuon team, with their world-conquering Nuna 3 solar-powered car, has dominated the World Solar Challenge for the third time in a row, running 3021 kilometers in 29 hours, 11 minutes. The distance, slightly more than that covered by Snowman and Bandit during their infamous 1977 beer run, would've actually… »9/29/05 11:32am9/29/05 11:32am