Watch A Ferrari 458 Driver Run Over A New York Cop's Foot And Get His…

Here we see an asshole get into his $257,000 Ferrari 458 and try and drive away from a ticket. The cop writing the ticket blocks the way and the driver pulls up onto his foot. He will regret that decision. » 8/05/12 7:52am 8/05/12 7:52am

American Chopper Drapes SoHo With Mechanical Man-Love

Yeah, we don't so much cover the Teutuls, and their little show on the lovin' and carin' channel, but as the Jalopnik team is swarming the Gawker offices here in SoHo (which one of us only recently learned means "Sorry Ho-bags") today in advance of the New York Auto Show, we've been checking out the local flora and… » 4/03/07 3:00pm 4/03/07 3:00pm