Send Google Maps, MapQuest Directions Directly To Your Garmin

OnStar isn't the only company to work with mapping software companies. Garmin recently announced the ability to directly send maps and directions to a Garmin GPS navigation system. Rather than taking the painstaking process of looking up an address, writing it down and inputting it into your Garmin GPS navigation… »4/02/08 3:30pm4/02/08 3:30pm

Complexity Creep: BMW's Electronic "Dipstick" Causes Oil Grief

What happens when technology answers a question nobody asked? Sometimes billions are made. Other times, needless technical complexity makes for a more complex experience. Such is the case one Car and Driver reader made in the mag's July '07 issue. In a letter to C&D, he directs our attention to the BMW 328i, whose… »6/04/07 12:30pm6/04/07 12:30pm