NASA's Stubby 747 Has A Big Telescope In The Back That Can See Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has recently begun sending back the first color images of Pluto and Charon, and they are spectacular. But prior to the probe making its close approach to Pluto on July 14th, scientists have been scouting Pluto’s atmosphere using a 98-inch telescope mounted inside a highly modified Boeing… » 6/24/15 12:06pm 6/24/15 12:06pm

Sports Car, Bulgarian Style: The Sofia B

It's impossible not to admire the huevos of that wacky Bulgarian engineer, Velizar Andreev. In the early 80s, he decided that Bulgaria needed to manufacture its own sports cars. Bulgaria being behind the Iron Curtain and firmly in the grip of Moscow's "no fun cars for the masses" ideology at the time, this belief did… » 7/11/07 11:00am 7/11/07 11:00am