Operation Jade Helm Is Not A Military Takeover Of The American Southwest

Conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat salesmen across the web are having a field day with Special Operations Command’s upcoming large scale irregular warfare exercise named Jade Helm 2015. Although the tenets of practicing irregular warfare can be unnerving, this is most definitely not a military grab of the American… »4/29/15 10:03am4/29/15 10:03am


Snowgoose Is The Pentagon's Low-Cost Resupply Drone Of Dreams

In a scene right out of Call of Duty, your special forces unit is surrounded on a plateau deep in enemy territory and your ammo is running low. The area is hot with small arms fire, and even if a helicopter crew were to risk it, there are none available. Not to worry, a CQ-10 Snowgoose stuffed full of supplies is on… »4/25/15 1:27pm4/25/15 1:27pm