Woman Runs Down Cousin Over Denied Facebook Friend Request

Next time you deny a Facebook friend request, think of the consequences! Long Island resident Melanie Snanopoulos is accused of running down her cousin twice because a gentleman friend had accepted the cousin's friend request—but not hers. » 1/26/11 8:30am 1/26/11 8:30am

Fuelly Offers Social Networking For The Mileage-Conscious, Green Dragons

Filling a need we didn't know we had until just now, a pair of developers have created a website that tracks your fill-ups in a community setting. Dubbed "Fuelly," because every web 2.0 application needs an adorably misspelled name, the site is actually quite fun and full-featured. Just add your car to the system and… » 8/26/08 2:20pm 8/26/08 2:20pm

Saturn Discovers Social Networking, Attempts To Join 21st Century

Apparently young people these days like to talk to each other online rather than read. Sometimes, they even take advantage of toy-like technological innovations to transmit electronic images and even music! Based on this cutting edge research, Saturn has launched a new concept in online communication to reach these… » 5/12/08 12:20pm 5/12/08 12:20pm

Question of the Day: What is SameLane Smoking?

Here's the thing: A company called SameLane created a social-networking scheme that involves drivers on the highway. We'll let Dutch Mandel, writing for Automotive News explain it. » 3/12/07 10:34am 3/12/07 10:34am