Marco Reus Fined $670,000 For Driving Without A License

German paper Bild reports (paywall) that Borussia Dortmund star Marco Reus has been fined €540,000 after police discovered he had been driving without a license for the past three years. Apparently Reus received five speeding tickets during that time, but somehow police never figured out that he also didn't have a… »12/18/14 7:10am12/18/14 7:10am

NASA Explains How The 2014 World Cup Soccer Ball Is The Best Ever

Had you heard about the absolute disaster that revolved around the 2010 Adidas Jabulani soccer ball, used in that year's World Cup? Yeah, me either. But professionals used words like terrible, disaster, and catastrophe to describe its performance. How has Adidas changed the ball for this year's Cup? »6/15/14 12:11pm6/15/14 12:11pm

Soccer Player Milan Baros Gets Tagged With Highest Speeding Ticket Ever...For Lyon, France

According to the AFP, Czech international striker Milan Baros was clocked by local police doing 271 kilometres an hour (168 mph) in his Ferrari on a motorway east of here on Thursday. Baros, who currently plays for French soccer champions Lyon, had the Ferrari confiscated and his driving license suspended. He will… »11/05/07 2:15pm11/05/07 2:15pm

No Rondo For You! Kia Axes Sponsorship After Remarks

Kia Motors, sensitive to its world presence, has cut their sponsorship deal with soccer team FC Brussels after the team's president told a Congolese player he should think of something other than "trees and bananas" while playing. In addition to concerns about their image, the communications manager for Kia Motors… »11/02/07 3:30pm11/02/07 3:30pm