Fishing Reel Company Builds Extreme Gravity Racer

Zebco is not a name you normally associate with automobiles, but the fishing reel company recently threw their in-house designers, engineers and machinists into a soapbox derby contest with spectacular results. Set aside memories of the best lazy summers you ever had in your youth, avoiding chores, floating the river… » 10/21/08 1:40pm 10/21/08 1:40pm

Illegal San Fernando Valley Soapbox Racer Dies In Collision

We first heard about The San Fernando Valley Illegal Soap Box Federation last year. The downhill antics seemed fairly safe and totally fun, but just recently there's been a tragic accident. Reportedly, during a race, one of the soapboxes lost control and ran into a parked Lexus, killing the racer. The future of the… » 3/11/08 1:15pm 3/11/08 1:15pm

Thrills! Spills! The Greater Los Angeles Soap Box Derby

Amid Saturday morning cries of "hooray for gravity", the 8th Annual Los Angeles edition of the All-American Soap Box Derby went down in close proximity to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. While most of America's race fans were parked in front of their 42" flat panel televisions for some five-hour NASCAR pre-race … » 6/04/07 3:00pm 6/04/07 3:00pm

The Other Wheeled Sport in the Carolinas: Soapbox Racing

Sitting here on 2nd Street in Long Beach, we just saw a guy at a stoplight in a shiny, newish BMW 3-Series convertible cranking the Descendents' "Suburban Home," which struck as as oddly perfect and highly incongruous. So we decided to post on something completely DIY: Outlaw soapbox racing. The Fall Classic Soap Box… » 11/08/05 5:33pm 11/08/05 5:33pm