Fishing Reel Company Builds Extreme Gravity Racer

Zebco is not a name you normally associate with automobiles, but the fishing reel company recently threw their in-house designers, engineers and machinists into a soapbox derby contest with spectacular results. Set aside memories of the best lazy summers you ever had in your youth, avoiding chores, floating the river… » 10/21/08 1:40pm 10/21/08 1:40pm

LeMons Winners Beaten By Le Mans Team

Before they headed off to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, California-based Flying Lizard Motorsports dared to take on 24 Hours of LeMons-winning Krider Racing team at the All American Soap Box Derby in Vallejo. The winner would then head off to the national championships in Ohio. The Le Mans team beat the LeMons team (which… » 6/17/08 7:00am 6/17/08 7:00am