So-Cal LS7 Chevelle

Former GM CFO John Devine needed a vehicle to spend his retirement bux on. And Pete Chapouris of So-Cal Speed Shop is a pretty reliable guy to spend a lot of money with. We've been fans of most everything that has rolled out of Chapouris' various shops over the years, we can't take much exception with this '66… » 7/11/07 3:30pm 7/11/07 3:30pm

So-Cal Speed Shop Founder to Host Movies at NHRA Museum

The noted, legendary and highly-influential founder of the So-Cal Speed Shop (resurrected by equally noted and highly-influential rod builder Pete Chapouris), Alex Xydias will be presenting a series of very early hot rod and drag racing flicks at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, starting on February… » 2/03/06 7:20pm 2/03/06 7:20pm

Trophy Queen? Hells Yeah!

Jenny Parker's our kind of gal; not only is she quite the fresh fra lein with a penchant for Indian motorcycles, as well as always a pleasure to see at car shows, but she also makes some of the baddest-ass vintage-inspired purses, wallets and other accessories around; she's even making stuff for So-Cal now.… » 10/06/05 3:03am 10/06/05 3:03am