Post traffic stop “burnout” and resulting enraged police officer caught on video

Who knew doing a "burnout" (term used very loosely) after being pulled over was a bad idea? Next time you are tempted to hoon during a 200 foot drive across a parking lot post traffic stop you might want to keep this footage, taken at a car meet in Anaheim, Ca, in mind. Otherwise, you too could end up with an… » 3/19/11 11:00am 3/19/11 11:00am

La Vida Lowrider: Cruising the City of Angels

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is hosting a selection of the city denizen's automotive creations that defy the soulless mechanicals of modern commuter boxes by proudly representing the culture and families that crafted the machines. While one group of post WW2 hooligan Angelenos were seeking higher… » 10/26/07 6:30pm 10/26/07 6:30pm