Snow Meets Car Meets Nudity

Single-digit cold is no reason to not get naked in the snow, as an unknown Budapest artist has shown on the windshield of a Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI. Click to drop the NSFW square bra! » 12/31/10 4:00pm 12/31/10 4:00pm

Don't Fear the Winter Solstice

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, today is the shortest day of 2010. Plenty of time for night driving in the snow! If not your thing, don't worry: at 67,000 mph, Earth will soon rocket back to summertime. » 12/21/10 1:30pm 12/21/10 1:30pm

Ice-Road Truckin' In A Smart ForTwo

Paul Shippey drove a Smart ForTwo across Canada's Dempster Highway, one of the roads featured in Ice Road Truckers and the only all-weather road into the Arctic Circle. This is his crazy story, which originally appeared on —Ed. » 4/08/10 3:00pm 4/08/10 3:00pm

10 Perfect "Snowicane" Cars

When's Autopia recently chose a list of ten perfect snowpocalypse vehicles, the site's readers howled in protest. After enduring a pummeling over their choices, the staff invited those readers to come up with their own list. Here it is. » 3/09/10 5:15pm 3/09/10 5:15pm

Snowbound NYC Mustang Driver Refuses To Put Convertible Top Up

The owner of this new Mustang Convertible is not only stuck on the side of Flatbush Avenue in middle of the Snowpocalypse, he refuses to put the top up. His excuse? "Every day is a good day in New York." » 2/26/10 12:30pm 2/26/10 12:30pm

Can You ID These Two Snowpocalypse-Frosted Volvos?

The snowfall from this weekend's Washington D.C. snowpocalypse made a pair of stranded Swedish cars look curvier than they should. Can you I.D. these two frosty Volvos? » 2/08/10 10:00am 2/08/10 10:00am

Snow Foot Car Proves Russia's Still Got It

Have a compact rear-wheel-drive car and want to traverse vast stretches of unpaved snowy wasteland? Russia has the solution. We bring you "Snow Foot Car," a 1-hour conversion system capable of turning a Lada into a radical snowmobile. » 1/29/10 9:30am 1/29/10 9:30am