Lotus Just Turned A Joke Into A PR Disaster On Facebook

In the annals of corporate history, I doubt any company has ever flipped their shit more completely than Lotus just did in this Facebook post. Meant to be a response to media reports about the automaker's financial problems, management instability, and one mostly harmless joke, it quickly became the ultimate example… » 4/11/12 2:00pm 4/11/12 2:00pm


Formula 1 is set to enter a new era as incoming president Jean Toad looks to revise the rulebook whilst remaining completely impartial, oh yes siree. Here are some of the F1 rule changes Mr Toad is said to be considering: All cars taking part in Formula 1 must be red. Any car that is [...] » 11/16/09 9:00am 11/16/09 9:00am

"Shitter" Is The New Twitter For Failing Car Companies

Twitter? Ha! Old and busted. The new automaker social media twatness is Shitter — a site letting automakers provide instant 140-character-or-less updates on exactly how badly they're doing. Somebody tell Ford's Scott Monty, quick! [SniffPetrol] » 4/14/09 4:30pm 4/14/09 4:30pm