How Can I Make My Commute Suck Less?

Dear Lifehacker,
I have a long commute. Traffic makes it much longer. It's incredibly boring and I'm sitting down for hours, and I heard somewhere (everywhere) that sitting is going to kill me. How can I make my commute suck less? » 9/18/12 1:39pm 9/18/12 1:39pm

Steve Saleen Wins Name Back From Bankrupt Company

Nope, it's not an April Fool's Day joke. Steve Saleen announced today that he's regained control of the Saleen brand, five years after "retiring" (a move seen by many as more like "pushed out") from the eponymous company he founded and which filed for bankruptcy protection just a few years later. » 4/02/12 10:00am 4/02/12 10:00am

2006 Saleen S7 for an Investment-Grade $375,000!

If you want a 200 MPH+ car, your options are limited. If you want one that also waves the Made in America flag, they're even more limited. But don't worry, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has got your back. » 10/01/09 7:30am 10/01/09 7:30am

2010 SMS 460 Mustang: Two Anniversaries, Two Wicked Stangs

In honor of 25 years in the pony-tunin' business and 45 years of Mustangs, Steve Saleen's new company has created the 2010 SMS 460 Mustang and, surprise, the SMS 460X. » 4/17/09 3:30pm 4/17/09 3:30pm

SMS 570X Challenger: 700 HP With “Minor” Modifications

How do you get a 5.7 Hemi to make 700 HP? With a whopping great big supercharger, that's how. But don't worry, the rest of the SMS 570X Challenger has been suitably beefed up, too. » 4/09/09 2:16pm 4/09/09 2:16pm

Steve Saleen Working On 650 HP 2010 Signature Series SMS 460 Mustang

The 2010 Ford Mustang’s not even on sale yet, but already legendary tuner Steve Saleen is working on an upgraded version of it. » 12/16/08 11:00am 12/16/08 11:00am

SMS 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept Has 720 Candle-Extinguishing…

Though no longer head of Saleen, Inc., you can't keep Steve Saleen from making Mustangs. In this case, his new company, SMS Limited, has built a very Saleen, Inc-looking concept to celebrate 25 years in the industry. In addition to the 720 HP engine and extreme body kit, this concept has the "Red Butterfly Induction… » 7/07/08 10:20am 7/07/08 10:20am

Cistrak Turns Your Car Into a TXTING BFF

LOL UR CAR IZ GONE is what Cistrak will be saying when your car is stolen. Cistrak is a small, boxy device that allows for a car to easily be tracked by utilizing text-messaging technologies. Of course, it could also be used by overprotected parents fearful that their kids are hooning it up all over the state. Luckily… » 1/28/08 4:45pm 1/28/08 4:45pm