Woman Arrested for Smoking on Plane, Yelling About Venezuela for 2 Hours

On a flight from Nicaragua to Miami Sunday, a woman decided to test American Airlines' "no smoking" rule by lighting up on the plane. Even though everyone had seen her (and some of her fellow passengers were taking video), she tried to pin it on the guy sitting next to her. As in-flight annoyances go, smoking in an… » 3/16/15 8:01pm 3/16/15 8:01pm

The Smoking Tire Project Fiesta ST Gets COBB Stage 1

After we filmed the somewhat controversial Ford Fiesta ST vs. BMW E46 M3 video a month or so back, we as a group were so smitten with the Fiesta ST's ludicrous value for money proposition that our cameraman and resident mad scientist Thaddeus Brown went straight to the dealership and traded in his 2006 Mini Cooper S… » 1/31/14 12:57pm 1/31/14 12:57pm

Video: What's it's Like to Drive the Stelvio Pass in a Too-Big and Too-Powerful Car

Recently, Jalopnik's Travis Okulski got to drive Top Gear's former pick for "the best driving road in the world" in a Porsche Cayman S, and came away underwhelmed. Travis and I have discussed this in detail, and we have decided that the Sustenpass , Grimsel Pass, and the Fluelapass are the best roads in Switzerland,… » 10/04/13 12:47pm 10/04/13 12:47pm

Video: 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish: An Aston Owner's Review

For the last 9 years, I've owned a first-generation Aston Martin Vanquish. And, though it does come standard with some supercar foibles and what may be the world's second-worst transmission (the Smart Car is still solidly #1), it has been a wonderful vehicle, provider of more smiles per hour than one ever needs, even… » 6/12/13 4:13pm 6/12/13 4:13pm

Video - Range Rover Evoque: On and Off-Road Test

The Range Rover Evoque is the smallest Range Rover ever. It’s also the first Range Rover since 1993 to not come with an air suspension. It’s also the first Range Rover to feature “design input” from a pop singer who, despite her considerable beauty, almost certainly has never driven more than ten feet off the tarmac.… » 4/09/13 2:59pm 4/09/13 2:59pm

Video: 2013 SLS GT AMG Review

There's nothing like track time to see what a supercar is made of. That's why I was optimistic that, not only had Mercedes and AMG re-worked the SLS for 2013, but also they invited me to  the track to drive it. They say it's faster, sharper, more responsive, and will return more feedback to the driver than the… » 2/27/13 5:28pm 2/27/13 5:28pm

Cigarette Box Lamborghini Reventon Smokes The Matchstick F1 Car

Screw Michael Arndt and his F1 car made of matchsticks. We've found a fan of pricey super cars who's trying to one-up Arndt with a Lamborghini Reventon made of cigarette boxes. That's right — the Reventon — the one million Euro ($1.5 million) supercar constructed entirely out of cigarette boxes. Call this a… » 2/19/08 7:45am 2/19/08 7:45am

A '78 Celica- and a Smoke- Will Make You Cool!

Former Combat! star Rick Jason was big in Japan in the late 1970s, if we are to judge from this ad for the JDM '78 Celica XX (sold here as the Supra). Just lean on that sporty fastback and puff suavely on a gasper, and like magic a busty babe appears and throws your bowtie on the driver's seat. Yeah, that's the… » 11/02/07 2:00pm 11/02/07 2:00pm

Brits Support Smoking Ban in Private Cars

As Henry Rollins famously said, "I've been to England fifteen times and never liked it once!" We have to say we've had some great times in Blighty, but the way the nation's going, we wonder if there's any point to visiting again. Case in point? More joy in the nanny state. Sixty percent of Londoners support a ban on… » 7/11/07 7:00pm 7/11/07 7:00pm

New Delhi Outlaws Smoking While Driving

You might expect such a move in, say, Belmont, California, but a ban on smoking behind the wheel in freewheeling India, land of the Hindustan Motors Amabassador and clove cigarettes? Yes, though not to prevent secondhand smoke; the reasoning here is that drivers distracted by their gaspers will, you know, hit stuff.… » 3/28/07 11:07am 3/28/07 11:07am

Children Should Be Seen and Not Heard: Connecticut Boy Wants Smoking Ban

Common sense: you shouldn't smoke in the car with anyone who can't stand cigarette smoke. If you have children, you shouldn't smoke in the car when they're in it. That said, you shouldn't let a ten-year-old boy dictate whether you can smoke in the car or not unless the child happens to be in the car with you.… » 2/06/07 8:30pm 2/06/07 8:30pm

Gah! Nanny-State Alert in California: What Else is New?

Oh crap. Now they want to ban smoking in cars carrying kids in California. And smoking in state parks. Not that one should smoke in an enclosed space around children, but please, California, we have enough laws. Can't we do something productive with our legislative time? This is just getting silly. » 12/04/06 11:15pm 12/04/06 11:15pm

California Mulls Smoking-In-Cars-With-Children Ban

We remember being young and riding in our friends' parents GMC Safari with cigarette smoke choking us in the backseat. We hated it. We remember staying at a youth hostel in Nuremburg — watching the European soccer championship ten years ago — and while we were puffing on our own roll-me-own, our friend's secondhand… » 8/14/06 5:00pm 8/14/06 5:00pm