Alt-Dot SMG: BMW M5 to Get Six-Speed Manual Option for 2007

Just as rumors had suggested, BMW is offering the 2007 M5 sedan with a plain old six-speed manual. The no-cost option is a response to criticism of BMW's SMG III electrohydraulic automanual, which has been likened to an hyperanalytical mother-in-law who exacts compliance with a dodgy gearshifting agenda by the steely… » 11/07/06 10:43am 11/07/06 10:43am

BMW to Drop SMG Auto Manual from Z4 Roadster

AutoWeek is reporting that BMW will drop its SMG automated manual transmission from the Z4 roadster, and won't offer it on the upcoming M tuner version. The move will make the Z4 M — which will get a six-speed manual — the only of BMW's M models not to come with SMG, the company's electronically controlled sequential… » 11/14/05 9:45am 11/14/05 9:45am