Engine Swap Of The Day: NASCAR-Spec Chevy Small-Block In Mazda RX-7

We're not saying we don't like the Mazda Rotary, but it's hard to say anything bad about an RX-7 that can spin the tires in fourth gear. Jack Baruth, aka ViergangFuchs »11/07/08 11:00am11/07/08 11:00am, ran across this 543-horse beast when he stopped by Matt “Tinman” Johnston's shop to pick up his new NASA Neon ACR (the previous one having been…

PCH, Engines Not Found In Nature Edition: LS1 BMW or 1JZGTE Volvo?

The Lamborghini Jarama sprinkled a little olive oil on the Maserati Quattroporte and ate it like a little gnocchi (in spite of the Maser's vast bulk) in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, triumphing in a near-unprecedented 80-20 ass-whupping. Apparently the Maserati was just too easy for our voters, and we totally… »6/26/08 5:20pm6/26/08 5:20pm