Yes, We Still Need a Citroen SM

Merak motor, a thousand GBP just for a new clutch, French quality, and well, we just don't care. It doesn't matter one bit. The Citroën SM is one of the top-ten coolest cars of the 1970s, and indeed of all time. If you don't agree, find someone to kick you in the head. Auf wiedersehen! » 5/22/07 5:45pm 5/22/07 5:45pm

Dedicating One's Life to the SM is a Worthwhile Pursuit

Now and then, Citro n SM resto specialist Jerry Hathaway has been known to show up at Crystal Cove/Coffee & Cars with a 200mph dry-lakes SM towed on a fifth-wheel trailer by an SMamino. Last night, we were talking with commenter Punkey about how the SMamino may be the greatest car ever because it's a little bit of… » 1/17/07 2:45pm 1/17/07 2:45pm

Franco-Italian Fabulosity: The Citroen SM

Jeremy Clarkson once remarked that when the French and the Italians get together and cook, the results are wonderful, but when they come together to build a car, "Run. Run for your life." He was actually referring to the Maserati Merak, built under Citro n's watch. To capitalize on the Italian brand's prestige, the… » 11/29/06 1:30am 11/29/06 1:30am