We Hit The Slovenian (And Croatian) Jackpot: 12 Vehicles Down On The Adriatic Street

Located just south of Austria and in the northern portion of what was once Yugoslavia, Slovenia »9/16/08 3:00pm9/16/08 3:00pm is an ideal place to find street-parked cars from all over Europe, East and West, not to mention the occasional Detroit truck. , the guy who brought us the , is back with a vast collection of photos from his part of the…

Forgotten Slovenian Peugeot 504 Rescued, Put Back On Road

We're getting more DOTS Bonus Edition stuff from Yurp these days, which gives us just that much more opportunity to see Peugeot 504s in their native habitat. Nicjasno, from the Slovenian city of Maribor, has photographed his family's 504, which was found sitting abandoned in the weeds near a Peugeot dealer and brought… »5/27/08 10:40am5/27/08 10:40am