Slot Car Wall Art: Where Functionality And Design Meet

Because we share a small apartment in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, we've never quite had the space to install our own ultimate slot car track. In fact, we've yet to install any kind of slot car track in the apartment. We've got this guy to thank for providing a solution that meets our space requirements while also… » 3/06/08 5:45pm 3/06/08 5:45pm

Bust Out The Wah-Wah Pedal: Aurora 24 Hours of Le Mans Slot Cars!

After seeing the '69 Torino ad the other day, we figured maybe all the ads of that era had music a thousand times lamer than the rock-und-roll those dope-addled freaks of the time were listening to. Oh, sure, we're not expecting the Mothers of Invention or the Stooges, but you'd think some buzz would maybe sneak in to… » 2/22/08 11:00am 2/22/08 11:00am

Slotting it Up in the Modern Age

Growing up, we loved electric toys, especially slot cars and model trains. With train sets, the action was always rather zen. You painted scenery, planted fake plastic trees, figured out how to make your rocks more convincing and arranged your engines and railcars for maximum visual effect. Then, sometimes, you got… » 5/18/07 11:30pm 5/18/07 11:30pm

Transformers Toys For Tots: Slot Cars And An Old And Busted Camaro…

No, not our commenter — the Autobot named Bumblebee. Our fave fan site all about the 'formers hipped us to new pictures of a transformed 70's Camaro version of the yellow-n-black bot. I'm not yet thrilled as it's not the new concept Camaro version from later in the movie and we're actually curious as to where the … » 1/26/07 11:02am 1/26/07 11:02am

Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: SUPER SLOT CAR SET!

While racing around in pixel-perfect versions of F1 cars via PS3 is all fine and good, nothing beats physically flipping your opponent's highly detailed, 1/32 scale model of a Ferrari — out of which a certain stoic German recently retired — right off the track. With a price tag just a shade over 120 clams for this… » 12/05/06 2:35pm 12/05/06 2:35pm