Tastes Like Chicken? Or Tastes Like Sleepy Drivers?

Tastes like chicken. You know the hidebound old adage well, and maybe even have humorously offered it in response to sampling extremely vile or creepy food. Now check this out. The brainiacs at Stanford University have used that saying to essentially describe the effects of sleepy driving. Confused yet? Well, you know… »3/07/08 1:45pm3/07/08 1:45pm


Mercedes-Benz System Warns Driver: "Dieter, You Are Sleepy... And Sorrowful"

As part of a partnership with Red Bull—not really—Mercedes-Benz is developing a system that can determine whether a driver is restless or sleepy. We've seen a lot of similar systems in the past for drunk driving, but rarely hear about companies taking precautions against restless drivers, which can be just as… »12/12/07 5:15pm12/12/07 5:15pm

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: Wert's Got A Full Tank Of Gas, A Half Pack Of Starbucks DoubleShot, and He's Wearing Sunglasses. Hit It!

So we realized last night that Wert's gonna have to get some sleep, and last night he tried. Unfortunately, when he's ingested four Starbucks doppio espressos in a 6 hour period — it's much more difficult than just "going to sleep." And no, the liquor didn't help much either. But, since it worked so well for him… »8/18/06 9:53am8/18/06 9:53am