Tire-shredding, 38 HP Vespa is World's Best Sleeper

By packing 38 tire-blistering horsepower into a cut-down, ultra lightweight 2 wheeler with a straight-cut, 4-speed transmission, the German mental patients at Scooter and Service may have just built the world's most perfect vintage Vespa. » 3/22/14 11:31am 3/22/14 11:31am

For $2,500, Take This Car and Chevette

Introduced in late 1975 as the US member of GM’s global T-platform, the Chevy Chevette was for a time the lightest production car built in America. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Chevette is somewhat more hefty owing to its Buick mill, but will that addition ensure its price fits to a T?

» 3/01/13 8:00am 3/01/13 8:00am

For $15,500, Smoke If You’ve Got Em

I know what you're thinking, two Nice Price or Crack Pipe Cavaliers in two weeks, what's wrong with you? Well, this week's car packs a punch, and there's nothing wrong with that. The question is, does its price put a turd in the punchbowl? » 9/05/12 8:00am 9/05/12 8:00am

Watch This Ready-To-Explode Ford Fairmont Run 10.20 In The 1/4

This is a brave man. Despite the fact that the engine on his circa 1980 Ford Fairmont sounds like a sewing machine and is clearly about to explode, he takes it to the drag strip and sprays nitrous through the whole run. » 7/27/12 2:30pm 7/27/12 2:30pm

11 second Toyota Corolla defines "sleeper"

Although straight line performance was certainly not among the strong points of the third generation Toyota Corolla, you wouldn't know it to watch this white four door scream down the drag strip in less than twelve seconds. » 1/21/12 12:30pm 1/21/12 12:30pm

Seemingly stock Silverado pickup is actually a ZR1 powered sleeper

At the mention of modifications to new pickup trucks a flurry of lift kits, overly bright headlights and unnecessarily loud exhausts immediately come to mind. The owner of this Chevrolet Silverado decided to skip all of these and came up with a significantly less conventional and more interesting way to modify their… » 1/07/12 2:00pm 1/07/12 2:00pm

How would you build the ultimate sleeper?

Sleepers come in many forms, from well disguised muscle cars to monsters in economy car clothing. After witnessing the insanity of the 728 horsepower Camry we started thinking about the variety of different options when it comes to creating a sleeper. This weekend we want to know about your ideal vision of a seriously… » 9/24/11 5:00pm 9/24/11 5:00pm

The BMW 5-Series: A Personal Look Back

Last year, sales of BMW's midsize sedan hit 5.5 million. The outgoing 5er, known as the E60, represented the car's fifth generation. I have at least five personal stories to tell about the 5-series. Coincidence? I think not! » 4/14/10 2:00pm 4/14/10 2:00pm

It’s a Greater Little Car for $4,500!

Back in the ‘70s, Mazda's tepid little family car took liberties with the appellation "Great." But today Nice Price or Crack Pipe has a GLC that should be PDQ, and it asks orange you glad I didn't say banana? » 2/03/10 8:00am 2/03/10 8:00am

What’s This Engine Bay: Engine Swap Edition

It's time again to test your automotive intellectual fortitude by figuring out what car this engine bay's from before you click through. Sure, you'll say you got it right in the comments, but only you'll know the truth. » 9/01/09 4:40pm 9/01/09 4:40pm

Sleeper of the Day: 1967 Volvo Amazon

From the Getaway In Stockholm series comes a Volvo Amazon that gets the Jalopnik Stamp-O-Approval applied with such force that we've dented the hood. It has 500 horsepower (though the video provides maddeningly little information about the engine). It has S80 brakes. It handles like a "snake on a hot summer day."… » 9/26/07 11:00am 9/26/07 11:00am

Question Of The Day: What's The Wildest Sleeper You've Ever Seen?

Today's question comes to us courtesy of master commenter JayP71. And that's all he had to say. We know there are better answers out there, but we'll play it safe and go with an old favorite. A few years back, the neighbors across the street had their house on the market. I was upstairs when I heard a burble. I… » 6/22/07 11:45am 6/22/07 11:45am

How Would You Build The Perfect Sleeper?

J-Lop all star Bumblebee proposed this one, apparently after getting spanked by a hopped-up CJ-7. Bumblebee isn't alone, as we got spanked by a sleeper recently. Pulling up a red light we notice a Caddy CTS in the next lane. It had but one tailpipe, meaning the car was not the awesome CTS-V. The guy starts gasing the… » 5/22/07 11:30am 5/22/07 11:30am