The Lesser Known Slantnose

In 1981, Porsche introduced the 'flachbau' option, commonly known as the Slantnose, for the 930 911 Turbo. It featured a flat nose reminiscent of the 935 Group 5 racecars, most famous of which is likely the whale tail adorned 'Moby Dick'. Fewer than 1000 cars were ordered with the option. » 3/09/14 9:59am 3/09/14 9:59am

For $24,900, this 911 has more than junk in its trunk

Porsche's first V8-engined road car, the 928, was originally intended to replace the 911. That didn't happen, but today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 911 has had its rear-mounted flat-6 replaced by a V8. That might make it an 829, but does its price make it irreplaceable? » 5/19/11 8:00am 5/19/11 8:00am

Who Knows if This Porsche is Worth $14,995? The Slant Nose

Born in the ‘70s, the 935 was the factory racing version of the 911. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 911 shares the 935's slant nose and flared fenders, but unlike its progenitor, you can race this one alfresco. » 5/21/10 8:00am 5/21/10 8:00am

Hummer H1 Ugly Edition: Slant Nose, Ostrich Skin Interior

The car that will tell everyone you haven't moved on from your days as a semi-successful TV action star in the early ‘90s, this horribly ugly slant-nosed Hummer H1 is one of only two ever made. » 7/01/09 9:30am 7/01/09 9:30am