New DeTomaso Pantera revival "caught" leaving factory

Truth be told, automakers stage many of the photos passed off as "spy shots." Like when a videographer just happens to have his camera pointed at the front gates of DeTomaso when a black, low-slung car rumbles through. » 5/05/11 9:01am 5/05/11 9:01am

The revived DeTomaso lands with a thud

An Italian businessman who owns the rights to the DeTomaso brand today unveiled the vehicle he plans to revive it with. Dubbed the SLC, it's everything those of us who had Pantera posters on our bedrooms dreamed of — a dead-eyed, bloated business sedan. » 2/15/11 4:20pm 2/15/11 4:20pm

Race Car Replicas: Ferrari Enzo Performance For Carpocalypse Prices

Did you suffer a major cut in pay due to the Carpocalypse? Did you have to remove your name from the list for the next Ferrari über-car? Then Race Car Replicas has your answer. » 1/05/09 3:00pm 1/05/09 3:00pm

First Look: Mercedes SLC Gullwing Interior

Last time the new Mercedes SLC » 11/17/08 8:30am 11/17/08 8:30am was caught on camera, the big gullwing doors were in . This time, the doors were apparently in the same position and either the spy-shooting camera, or scanner of a dealer photo of some sort, was much closer. How close? Well, that picture above we've received from our good friends at …

Mercedes Benz SLC Gullwing Caught With Its Door Open

Holy mackerel! These photos come out of left field and surprise even us: The next version of the Mercedes Benz SLR will be getting gullwing doors. Obviously, the vertical lifting portals hearken back to the original Mercedes Benz 300 SL (incredible coincidence running that today huh?) and will ostensibly make the … » 7/30/08 5:45pm 7/30/08 5:45pm

Mercedes SLR McLaren Speedster Spotted Testing At the Ring, Mercedes…

It looks like McLaren and Mercedes are completing one last project before making their break-up official (we haven't read it on our Facebook feed yet). The Mercedes McLaren SLR Speedster was recently spotted testing at the Nurburgring, looking fine in its razzle dazzle camouflage, but, the Mercedes SLC is out there… » 7/17/08 12:20pm 7/17/08 12:20pm

Mercedes SLC Mule: Coolest. Mule. Ever.

Seriously, we've no idea why this Mercedes SLC mule, the same spotted earlier by the folks at KGP, is arousing us in ways very few vehicles have in a long time. We've no clue how far into the development process the AMG engineers actually are, but all we do know is this mule that's part Viper and part Mercedes is all… » 8/08/07 11:59pm 8/08/07 11:59pm

What Is This Mystery Mercedes Mule? The Next SLC? Maybe A Maybach Coupe?

The spy shooters of KGP happened upon a Mercedes mule of some sort on a car carrier out getting prepped for hot weather testing by a team of AMG engineers. They're of the belief it's an SLC mule, but the boys at the Road that's ever-Winding question whether maybe it's the long-rumored Maybach coupe. We're unsure of… » 8/08/07 10:00am 8/08/07 10:00am

Spy Photos: Mercedes SLC Street Fighter?

Spy crackers Hans and the Lehmannites caught shots of a Mercedes expected to issue a glovesmack to the Audi R8 in rumored V10 format. The duelist will be be based on the next SL underpinnings and be powered by the 6.2-liter AMG "63" V8. Natural aspiration, Winding Road speculates, could give way to turbocharging to… » 6/20/07 11:54am 6/20/07 11:54am