Mercedes SLR McLaren Speedster Spotted Testing At the Ring, Mercedes SLC Quietly Plotting Its Demise

It looks like McLaren and Mercedes are completing one last project before making their break-up official (we haven't read it on our Facebook feed yet). The Mercedes McLaren SLR Speedster was recently spotted testing at the Nurburgring, looking fine in its razzle dazzle camouflage, but, the Mercedes SLC is out there… »7/17/08 12:20pm7/17/08 12:20pm

What Is This Mystery Mercedes Mule? The Next SLC? Maybe A Maybach Coupe?

The spy shooters of KGP happened upon a Mercedes mule of some sort on a car carrier out getting prepped for hot weather testing by a team of AMG engineers. They're of the belief it's an SLC mule, but the boys at the Road that's ever-Winding question whether maybe it's the long-rumored Maybach coupe. We're unsure of… »8/08/07 10:00am8/08/07 10:00am