Steve Jobs' "Barcode License Plate" Mystery Has Been Solved

The Apple fan-boys have been all over recent spottings » 9/13/08 12:53pm 9/13/08 12:53pm of Steve Jobs' parked Mercedes AMG SL 55 with no license plate. While we're more interested in how he's able to park in , the fan-boy focus has been on the barcode in the empty spot where the license plate should be, and rumors that it's a super-secret-special…

New SL-Class AMG Roadsters Revealed; Unveiling Set for Geneva

Dynamism! Dynamism! Dynamism! (Remember that word.) Mercedes' AMG revealed its new, facelifted SL 55 and SL 65 models (for the German market), which have been anointed with more power; upgraded suspensions, steering and brakes; and interior and exterior freshenings. In the SL 55, a faster-spinning supercharger and… » 2/01/06 6:42am 2/01/06 6:42am