Mercedes Benz SLC Gullwing Caught With Its Door Open

Holy mackerel! These photos come out of left field and surprise even us: The next version of the Mercedes Benz SLR will be getting gullwing doors. Obviously, the vertical lifting portals hearken back to the original Mercedes Benz 300 SL (incredible coincidence running that today huh?) and will ostensibly make the … » 7/30/08 5:45pm 7/30/08 5:45pm

2008 Meadow Brook Concours D'Elegance Preview And Event Guide

As you may have noticed when we told you about the North American debut of the Alfa Romeo Bertone B.A.T. 11, we started off the day yesterday at the 2008 Meadow Brook Concours D'Elegance press breakfast. Actually, it was more of a press "stand-around-and-sweat". August 3rd will mark the 30th Concours held on the… » 7/30/08 3:00pm 7/30/08 3:00pm

Refreshed Mercedes SL Snapped During Dubai Photo Shoot

The folks at Mercedes made the mistake of revealing their refreshed Mercedes SL roadster in a populated area and now the folks at World Car Fans have the pics. While this change is more evolutionary than revolutionary, you'll notice the more angular grille and front skirt. Those thick five-spoke wheels are AMG, maybe?… » 12/05/07 9:30am 12/05/07 9:30am

Lorinser Takes Mercedes SL Up To 11, Top Speed Up To 201 MPH

The speed freaks may not be impressed by 201 mph, but we're more than floored at the prospect of nearly 4,000 pounds of luxo-roadster breaking the 200 mph mark. The suave Swabians at Lorinser managed this feat with a Mercedes SL by taking an SL65 Biturbo AMG mill and tweaking the electronic and fuel management systems… » 12/04/07 1:00pm 12/04/07 1:00pm

Britney Spears Buys SL65, Who Will She Hit First?

Because being a bad mother is a full-time job, we don't blame Britney for taking time out of her busy schedule of chandelier shopping and court appearances to buy a white Mercedes-Benz SL65. As with everything involving Brtiney Spears, it was chaos at the car dealership and she had to have a police escort to test… » 11/08/07 5:00pm 11/08/07 5:00pm

Nice Package for the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

Mercedes SL350 and SL500 buyers in Europe can select a new check box on the options sheet. It's the SL-Class sports package, and it comes with five-spoke wheels, silver-painted front brake calipers and perforated brake discs at the rear wheels to heighten stopping power. Minor performance mods include a sport air… » 2/28/07 12:46pm 2/28/07 12:46pm

Your Car Is Delightful: 2006 Porsche Cayman Tops JD Power Top Ten List…

Yup, we know the kiddies love the lists — and Forbes/ForbesAutos readers love it when they can get all their information in table format. But seriously, WTF is JD Power, not to mention all of those Associates, thinking in placing a Scion tC and a Nissan Armada anywhere near the same list as a Porsche Cayman. Because… » 9/14/06 1:34pm 9/14/06 1:34pm

Race For Me, Stuttgart! More Packages From AMG

Expansion of AMG's design studio continues unabated, with the division introducing new, track-day aero and brake packages for the CLS, SLK and SL Benz models — upgrades the house-brand tuning shop will slot into its "custom" series. They're on a major push to win some of the Euros they've ceeded to independent tuners… » 8/31/06 10:02am 8/31/06 10:02am