Non-Buick Skyhawk Literally Down On The Alameda Street

Alameda was once the home of the second-biggest Navy base on the West Coast, and as a result we have a few examples of what some locals call "Planes On Sticks" in town. Several are Douglas A-4 Skyhawks; these were the aircraft equivalent of the runs-til-doomsday Slant Six Dodge Dart back in the day and thus were… » 3/03/08 8:00am 3/03/08 8:00am

1976 Buick Skyhawk

We've seen some beautiful beater Down On The Street cars in recent weeks, cars that proudly show off their battle scars and thumb their collective noses at their trailer-queen hyperrestored counterparts. Then we have the other kind of vintage beater, the cars that depreciated to 2% of their purchase price within… » 7/13/07 8:50am 7/13/07 8:50am