Riding a motorcycle on mirrored salt flats looks like flying in the sky

Here’s an awesome video from Speed Society that shows a motorcycle riding across the world’s largest salt flat, the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The ground basically mirrors the sky which makes it look like the motorcycle is just gunning it through the clouds. Not a bad way to spend a day. »6/07/15 12:10pm6/07/15 12:10pm


Hoons and…Entrepreneurs? Take the 2011 Gawker Media Census and Win an iPad 2

Most things in the car world are undeniable fact. The Mercedes-Benz 300SL should have been the car of choice for Back to the Future. Hoover promised a "chicken in every pot and a WaterCar in every garage." Well, some of those things are debatable, but pure fact is that last year you told us via the Gawker Media Census… »5/04/11 12:00pm5/04/11 12:00pm

What Would You Do With the Turbocharged Ecotec?

One thing we admire about General Motors is that when they do do something right, they do it so right that conversations cease. I'm sure you've all been here before, "Yeah, well, the Porsche Blah Blah Blah does 0-60 in blah and goes around some track in Germany in blah and has this crazy hyper-tech thingy that does… »10/30/07 12:15pm10/30/07 12:15pm

Profiles in Badge Engineering Courage: Daewoo Launches G2X

The Saturn Sky roadster is apparently GM's two-seater for the global market (sorry, Solstice). A version has already found its way into the Opel lineup as the Opel GT. Now, GM's Korean connection Daewoo's getting its own Sky. Make that the G2X. First shown at the Seoul motor show earlier this year, the G2X will get… »8/24/07 7:49am8/24/07 7:49am

Parkour Your Fanny Right Here: GM Presents The New Opel Antara

Parkour's a distinctly french form of exercise — madly running from one point to another, flying across rooftops, jumping over and into dumpsters, splashing through mud puddles — all just to prove you can. Come to think of it, that type of blind get 'er done je ne sais pas is what makes GM the General, ain't it?… »9/29/06 6:07pm9/29/06 6:07pm

Aftermarket Saturnalia: Gravana to Build 300hp Sky Project Car for SEMA

Tuning house and automotive jeweler, Gravana, will work up an official, GM-approved, 300hp Saturn Sky show car to tempt the aftermarket — and subsequently come up with new add-ons for Sky owners. Gravana, which has already worked with GM on other such projects like the Saturn Ion and the Sky's Kappa platform-mate,… »7/27/06 9:19am7/27/06 9:19am