The Only Time You'll Ever Want To Hit A Telephone Pole

Usually the term for a steep ledge you're likely to fall down is "exposure." Codrivers shout that out to let drivers know not to drive off the mountain. This part of the Rallye Monte Carlo had a little weak stone wall that didn't do much to hold Roman Kresta's car on the road. It's not really an exposure, so maybe… » 1/16/15 8:41pm 1/16/15 8:41pm

Watch Vicky Butler Henderson Abuse A Skoda Octavia vRS

Škoda started making cars in 1905, and while your experience with one of their Soviet-era models might have been on the bitter side, those days are long gone, as Vicky Butler Henderson demonstrates with the first Octavia sedan sporting the Audi TT's engine. » 1/01/15 7:00pm 1/01/15 7:00pm

The 2014 Skoda Octavia RS Is The Golf GTI You Always Wanted

When I told a guy from VW that I think the Octavia RS is a better car than a Golf GTI, he replied "a much better car." How did the Czech version of this popular Volkswagen platform become the best version? » 8/01/14 3:15pm 8/01/14 3:15pm

The 2013 Škoda Octavia vRS Is Europe's Affordable Hot Family Car

A choice of diesel or petrol engines, with the latter 220 hp unit providing a 0-62 mph time of 6.8 seconds and a top speed of 154 mph, sedan or wagon bodies and 21 cubic feet of trunk space. Would you take Europe's new affordable hot family car? » 6/05/13 9:27am 6/05/13 9:27am

German Man Fires His Skoda Octavia Into Church Roof

A German man was likely filled with the spirit, or at least spirits, when he lost control of his Skoda Octavia at high speeds, launching his car onto the roof of a church. » 1/26/09 1:30pm 1/26/09 1:30pm